How it all started

The idea for Life from Art originated on a trip that David and Hannie Wilkinson took some years ago with their daughters to Thailand. The trip had been organised by Young Presidents Organisation (YPO) for business leaders and their families from all over the world, incorporating a mixture of business, culture and tourism. The organisers had established a link with an orphanage located two hours south of Bangkok and they encouraged the children to generate art and gave some coaching on how to do this, using photography and paint for the sighted children and textured media for the blind children.

The organisers planned to tap into the philanthropic streak, often found in YPO members. The pictures produced by the orphanage were all sold to the attendees and sufficient money was raised, to help the orphanage put a new roof on its buildings.

The question David and Hannie asked themselves was, how could such an approach become sustainable for this and many other children’s’ charities? The answer was Life from Art.



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